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Customised Package and Pricing Provided on Request
Our Fly Package builds on the Survive and Thrive Packages.
This service is for business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to building a business that can work without them. Have you ever wished you could have some time away from your business but feel you just can’t do it and be confident that the business will operate well in your absence?
This service really will allow you to fly and set yourself free from the shackles of an ineffective business. We will show you how you can take 3 months off each year and yet have your business work like clockwork while you’re away.

Note that this is not about some flaky “life coaching”. It is very practical here’s-exactly-how-to-do-it advice and support from a systems, staffing and procedures point of view.
We’re passionate about this service. In fact, our business name Get A Life Accounting Solutions was inspired by our ability to help business owners achieve this level of freedom from their business.
We have achieved this ‘take 3 months off’ objective in our business, and we’re confident we can help you achieve it too.

The Fly Package includes:

Smart technology that works for you

Technology is great, in fact, it’s been a life-changer for all of us. I’m sure we’ve all felt the benefits, even if just in our personal life. We can talk to others easily and we don’t have to do as many manual tasks as we used to. Technology like apps, software and websites all help us business quicker, easier and get answers straight away. BUT…which apps are right for you? An appropriate, relevant tech stack that works for your business requires some thought. That’s where Get A Life comes in.

We help you create effective business systems and process and work out which technology applications will help you streamline those processes. Our focus is also on effectiveness first and THEN efficiency. Debbie and the team help you implement smart systems that allow you to improve your profitability, performance and efficiency. Once you have good business systems, backed up by the right technology, you’ll be better positioned for success.

Software and Technology Advice

Pricing is customised based on your needs

  • Advice on how recent changes in technology can help your business
  • MYOB upgrade support
  • Cloud based accounting solutions

Get A Life Plan

Customised Package and Pricing Provided on Request

  • How much time do you want away from your business
  • What needs to be done while you are away
  • Who is going to do it
  • System implementation to make sure it works
  • Communication and technology to help monitor
  • Ultimate goal is that you can leave your business at the “drop of a hat” whenever you need to urgently take time out from your business!

Financial Forecasting

  • Where is your business now?
  • Where do you want to go with your business?
  • How to get there using What If Analysis Tools – See the effect of a decision before you even make it!

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