Thrive Services

Customised Package and Pricing Provided on Request
Our Thrive Package builds on the Survive Package.
Once we have checked your existing system or setup a new system for you we offer the following ongoing services to help you thrive in your business. Our consultants will train you and your staff and hold your hand for as long as you need. We customise checklists for your staff to follow that are specific to your business needs.

Onsite, Phone & Email Support

Pricing is customised based on your needs

  • MYOB queries
  • Xero queries
  • Calxa queries
  • General Business Administration and Management

BAS Data Check

Pricing is customised based on your needs

  • This is one of our most popular services
  • Help with any queries you or your staff may have concerning data entry
  • Train your staff using a custom checklist to ensure all data is entered, reconciled and correct
  • Another set of eyes at BAS time looking for errors and reconciling your GST before submitting to the Australian Tax Office
  • Print Key Reports for Management and explain them in words you can understand.

Training – MYOB, Xero, Addons

Pricing is customised based on your needs

  • One on one training – on your data
  • Group training or
  • Self Paced Manuals at your own pace

End of Year Financials and Procedures

Pricing is customised based on your needs

  • Financial Year End Procedures
  • Payroll Year End Reconciliation Procedures
  • Procedure Review

Cashflow Management

Pricing is customised based on your needs

  • Practical training in best practices for managing and monitoring your cash flow
  • Budget Preparation
  • How to monitor actuals versus budget – We’ll show you exactly what to do

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